Keeping It Casual : How To Keep The Casuals Interested

28th Aug 2020

I was thinking about doing this type of article for a little while now, but it has certainly come to the fore even more because I was chatting from an admin of the Asociación de Fútbol Kuskatan. They advised that, when I stated that I was putting together an FPL League for people from CONIFA and advised them what to do on the Official Fantasy Premier League website, they came back stating that they are casual players and don’t know much about Fantasy Football.

That is why I have decided to write an article on the 5 ways to keep casuals interested, at least until the Christmas season. 


From all my season’s of playing FPL from Christmas of the 2006/07, I would recommend to employ the skill of patience. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have rage transferred out a player when he didn’t come through for me and the very next week he goes off and scores a hat full of points. This in the business is what we call rage transfers. So straight-away, always be patient with your transfers and don’t be afraid not to transfer a player out of your side. 


With the growth of social media, FPL managers are becoming better educated. The official site is producing lots of content to educate and aid casual managers, and they are using sites and twitter accounts like ourselves to help in their decision making. We are receiving more accurate injury news and so it’s been easier for casual managers to make informed decisions.


A major part of playing FPL is to try to get as many “premium” assets as possible. If you can get 7 or 8 of the high value players, then you are in line for a good FPL experience. Sometimes you have to spread the value that you get out of your 100 million euros, dollars “FPL money” around your team. 

It is ok trying to get the main players such as, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de Bruyne etc, but you also need to find those gems. Some out of position players such as John Lundstram for Sheffield United last season and Stuart Dallas for Leeds United this season, that will make the overall difference to your FPL sides.


It has been stated many times by the wider FPL Community that it will be very unlikely that you will need a second or third starting sub on your bench. With that in mind, the advice in this section is to have a starting player for your side, who can come in and out for one of your starting XI, if they get a zero pointer. For example, in GW38 of last season just gone, I had Mason Greenwood as my first sub in case one of my starting XI failed to come through. 


At the start of the season, we all begin on an even level and we all also get three chips, the Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Free Hit Chips were what was on offer to us FPL managers this season. For casuals, it is said that they do not understand how to use these chips, so we will give you some insight. The bench boost chip, we would recommend using this chip when the majority of the bigger and more powerful teams have good fixtures. 

This means that you can maximise your FPL squad to its fullest potential. The Triple Captain chip should only be used in a Double Gameweek, which is usually towards the end of the season, although this season you may see it played early on. Especially, if the English teams in European competition continue to progress. 

The Free Hit chip, we would recommend using this only if you need to get what is known as deadwood out of your squad. Also, we would recommend using it to progress out of a certain point of the season e.g. International breaks or just after the Christmas marathon that always happens. 


If you are a casual FPL manager and want to stay engaged as well as have some fun in FPL this season. Then we would recommend that you follow these 5 simple rules and who knows, you might even join the FPL Community on Twitter. We would just like to finish this article by saying thank you to FPL Jez who suggested one or two of these topics. We ourselves are FPL Conifa and thank you.

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